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I was lucky to meet Dave Conway, organizer of “Gigonometry”, in one of Dublin’s bars. With a smile on his face he was sharing his ideas about music and new performers. About something that he is a professional at. Want to know about new bands in Dublin? Which new performer going to overtake the stage? Ask Dave, he was into this since, as he says, 10 years old. In the interview Dave shares about his “Gigonometry” idea right before upcoming performance this evening in Workman’s club.

Q.: Dave, what is your connection with the music? How did you find it? Or did music find you?

A.: A bit of both really; I started going to gigs when I was 10 (thanks Dad!) and immediately knew I would be involved in live music. Around the same time, listening to David Bowie’s lyrics inspired me to do the same, though I didn’t write my first song ’til I was 16, and it was awful!

Q.: What part of your life is dedicated to music?

A.: It’s part of my DNA at this point; without it I struggle. Going to gigs/playing gigs always feels like ‘home’, it’s where I’m happiest.

Q.: Could you tell more about “Gigonometry”? What  is it exactly?

A.: Gigonometry is two things really. 1. It’s an online group of people that meet up to go to gigs, and 2. It’s a monthly gig in The Workmans Club run by myself and several other volunteers.

Q.: Whose idea was it?

A.: It was a joint idea between myself and a few of the other organizers of the online group. I had promoted gigs before so I was the only one that had sufficient interest and time to keep it going, so over time different people come and go but I’ve been there for every gig except 1 in our 6 years.

Q.: Why are you interested in new groups?

A.: The excitement of seeing a new band is something special; like going to a movie ‘blind’, you don’t really know what to expect. You also know that the vast majority of them will never get airplay, a record deal, or whatever, so there’s also the buzz of seeing them whilst they exist, like a falling star!

Q.: Do you see new great singers getting popular and think: “oh I remember how they played in our events”?

A.: Occasionally (see Q5!); some of the acts go on to have rather illustrious careers and/or have become regulars on the festival circuit, like BARQ, Ailbhe Reddy, Megacone, Katie Laffan, Farah Elle, Brass Phantoms, Cut Once, Hvmmingbyrd, Scoops, Dreaming of Jupiter, Maria Kelly, Moon Looks On. Many others are releasing singles, videos, and albums, whilst some don’t exist anymore! It’s a collective to listen to all the music that’s sent to us, and to go and check out the bands live, without Elaine, Sinead & Maud lending me their ears I just wouldn’t be able to keep up!

Q.: Gigonometry is working since 2010. What were the highest and lowest points throughout these years?

A.: The low points are easy to pinpoint; when one of the volunteers has to move on (emigration, for example) I feel desolate and don’t know how I’ll cope. Sometimes I’m ready to throw in the towel; then someone comes along and saves the day, as Elaine did in 2015.

Q.: What does it give to Dublin’s life?

A.: It gives ‘up and coming’ bands/acts a great experience; from the point of arrival we try to make it very special for the artists, and the crowd does the rest. The performances are almost always superb, there’s a lovely vibe at the gig, and everyone’s smiling, dancing, mesmerized…

Q.: Could you tell why the event takes place in Workman’s club? Is there a specific reason for making performances there?

A.: I just love the venue and the people; in my opinion it’s the best medium sized venue in the city, the staff are great, the  sound is awesome, and it’s just the right kind of ‘rock n roll’!!

Darren from Youth Mass performing on Gigonometry event

Darren from Youth Mass performing on Gigonometry event

Tonight’s performance will take place as every second Thursday of the month in Workman’s club at 7:30 pm. Who can find excuses to miss it, don’t hesitate to turn on our Babylon radio, we will be steaming live from the performance.

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